Delicious Chicken Dinners

With poultry meat there are so many different birds, so are there different ways to cook them – roasting, braising, stewing, oven frying and grilling, and , the most recent cooking method, crockery cooking.

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have to wait for a favorite season. Poultry is always available fresh or frozen in your market. Goose and duck may pose a problem, but most markets have them frozen during holiday or festival times.

And best of all, whichever bid you select to grace your table, you'll find it completely clean and ready to cook.

How you cook your bird depends upon its age and type. Cook tender, young birds any suitable method; more mature birds take longer cooking. Braise or stew them or reserve them for your crockery pot. Identify the age of the bird by the name on the label-broiler-fryers or roasters are younger birds; hens or stewing chickens, or yearling's indicate mature birds.

But whatever the age of the bird and whichever cooking method you use, you'll find a host of ready-to-use recipes on our ChickenStove website.

Newest Dishes at Chicken Stove

Busy days carefree with fast, fresh poultry dinners. Browse our ever-growing collection of poultry meals that take less than you expect to prepare and simplify your dinnertime routine.